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Offer an Apairy

Members of the public often would like to have a beekeeper keep bees on a property, such as an orchard, farm or field.

To make an offer to our members, please complete the form. The details, including your contact details, will be visible privately only to our logged-in members and will not be shared outside NBBKA. Our members will then contact you directly to make further enquiries. Data captue is in accordance with our standard privacy policy.

Short name of location
e.g. Manor Farm, Lower Snottington
Postcode of location
e.g. MK12 3AB
Type of location
e.g. meadow, orchard, garden, arable field, pasture
Full address of location without postcode
e.g. Upper Field, Manor Farm, 123 Fake Street, Lower Snottington, Bucks
Your name
Your email address
Expectation of rent
The usual rent is one 454g jar of honey per hive per year. If you have other expectations please detail here.
Driving access
It's important that the beekeeper can drive right up to his hives in all seasons. Is this possible?
Public visibility
Will the hives be visible by the public, either walking or driving past?
Public access
Can a member of the public access the hives without crossing fences/gates etc?
Beekeeper access
In the summer beekeepers usually come once per week; in the winter usually once per month. But this can be at dawn, dusk or in between, depending on the needs of the bees. Can the beekeeper come as s/he pleases without prior arrangement?
Shared apiary
Are there any other beekeepers tenanted there already? It's not a problem to share an apiary but some beekeepers prefer an isolated apiary and knowing this will help them choose.
How many hives
How many hives would you like to host? Or, if you're not concerned, how many hives can the locatation accommodate, given that each hive would be at least 1 metre from others, plus an access path. An estimate is fine.
Full description
Please use this space to provide any other details (500 chars max)
Data protection & privacy
privacy policy.