North Bucks Beekeepers' Association -

NBBKA equipment hire

Members of the association may hire its equipment.

Hire fees: Most items require a £25 deposit, of which £20 is returned, meaning the fee is £5.

The Pratley Tray, honey extractors and wax steamer may be hired for one week. The microscopes may be hired for one month.

Books, slides and DVDs need a £5 deposit. Return within one month or 50p per week fine if late.

Virtual hive and posters – to be hired out only for educational purposes. Hired for 4 days.

To hire any equipment please contact Libby.

Name of equipment  Photo (click for larger image) Rental term
Books & DVDs One month
Comb cutting device One week
Honey extractor One week
Microscopes One month
Poster One week
Wax steamer One week
Pratley tray One week
Virtual hive Four days