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Man and bees

Man needs bees

Recent problems due to introduced diseases and parasites of bees means that it is no longer practical to buy some bees and a hive and start beekeeping without some training or knowledge of the risks involved. The future of agriculture depends on Bees and consequently - on beekeepers.

Bees are endangered

The parasites and diseases that have been introduced from overseas have caused damage and decline amongst British bee colonies, yet it is essential that we keep bees and protect them in the changing society of the next 20 years or so.

In Germany and Spain, beekeepers receive an annual subsidy for each hive from their governments, who recognise the importance of bees.

With the increased use of pesticides and GM crops, we can no longer presume that bees will survive without our intervention and assistance.

British agriculture

Fruit and food, depends on bees - they are the main pollinator of all UK fruit and Vegetable stocks.

Bees are of critical importance to the survival of mankind - without them we will starve.