North Bucks Beekeepers' Association -

Bee safari

Bee safari is a day of bee-related activity, usually moving from hive to hive and site to site.

There are no safaris arranged at the moment. Check back soon.

What to bring

Please bring with you:

  • a clean bee suit
  • a clean hive tool
  • disposable gloves
  • wellington boots
  • drinks & packed lunch
  • camera

It is important that we do not spread disease so hive tools & other equipment will be sterilised as we go along.

Photos from 2008

Examining a hive

Education in-situ. Note the fashionalable brown bee suit, less noticable than the traditional white ones.

Catching a swarm

Close examination of a comb

Photos from 2007

Comb showing capped cells

Discrete hives

Sharing interesting information

A group examining hives under a tree