North Bucks Beekeepers' Association -


You can join the club by completing this application form.

New applications are accepted throughout the year, except for a brief period in the spring when we are focussed on processing the annual renewals of existing members.

Membership renews and subscriptions are due in March. Any member who has not paid by then will be deemed lapsed.

We pay capitation to BBKA in August and April. If you join as a new member between August and April, your membership will renew in the following April (your first year's membership is more than 12 months). If you join between April and August, your membership will renew in the next April (your first year's membership is less than 12 months). Second an subsequent membership years are for 12 months.

If you select a concession membership class you will be asked to prove your concession when we contact you by email to ask for payment. We may ask you so send a scan of your drivng licence or other document.

Schedule of membership fees:

ClassDescriptionSubscriptionSubscription (paid bank transfer)
School (corporate)Membership as a body corporate for schools and educational establishments£102.00£100.00
FamilyFamily (1 full, 1 partner, 3 junior)£52.00£50.00
Registered/FullFull-price standard adult£32.00£30.00
ConcessionConcession (age 65 and over)£29.00£27.00
PartnerHusband or wife of a full member£17.00£15.00
CountryFull adult member who does not keep bees (excludes BDI)£17.00£15.00
JuniorChild (under age 14, price subsidised by NBBKA)£7.00£5.00
HonoraryAwarded by committee to an outstanding past member£0.00£0.00

The fee paid to NBBKA includes the annual capitation fee paid to the national British Beekeepers' Association via our regional parent association the Bucks County Beekeepers' Association.

For relevant membership types it also includes the minimum fee paybable to BDI to insure the minimum number of colonies against disease. The amount of the fee can be seen in the difference in price between a full member and a country member.

Comparison of membership types and benefits:

Benefit Full Concession Country PartnerJunior Honorary
BBKA membership
BCBKA membership
Bee disease insurance †
Public liability insurance †
Full-colour monthly printed magazine † *
Local e-magazine
Local lectures, talks, etc
Compete in honey show
First-year apiary

* = You don't get this benefit directly, but the main member in your household does and you can read their copy

† = Benefits provided by BBKA or BDI

What is the process for joining?

It's quite involved, since there are several parties in the chain. Remember, we do this in batches, so you may have to wait a few weeks until we commence. That's because we can't drop everything each time someone joins, we are volunteers.

  1. We make our data protection policy available to you, for your agreement.
  2. You complete the application form
  3. We check your data and assert that you're not a spammer or a scammer.
  4. We make our constitution available to you, for your agreement. If you ask for a concession class of membership, we ask for proof.
  5. You agree to the club rules and data policy
  6. We ask for payment by giving you our bank details or cheque details
  7. You send payment, and optionally tell us you've done so
  8. We process your application by sending your details to
    1. British Beekeepers via Bucks County Beekeepers
    2. BDI
  9. You're enrolled to all those entities, and we advise you of your membership number and membership certificates